2015 Tuomi Observatory Notes

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Pictures taken with a Canon Rebel XT & T5i digital cameras, enhanced with Paint Shop Pro

Venus/Mercury Venus and Mercury in the sunset

January 11, 2015
1/6 sec, ISO 1600, F/5.6 55mm lens

C/2014 Q2 Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy)

January 11, 2015
F/5 80mm Refractor
29x60sec ISO 3200

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Other comets in 2015
C/2015 F3 (SWAN)
C/2015 F4 (Jacques)
C/2013 US10 (Catalina)

Asteroid Asteroid 2004 BL86

January 27, 2015
F/5 80mm Refractor
34x30sec ISO 1600
Every second picture stacked
Cropped to half

1.4Mb Video of the asteroid

Report on CBC news

Western Producer Garry Stone and Tenho Tuomi interviewed by the Western Producer

February 26, 2015

Aurora Aurora

March 17, 2015
10 sec ISO 1600
F/3.5 18mm lens

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Exclipse Total lunar eclipse beginning

April 4, 2015
F/10 80mm refractor+teleconverter
1 sec ISO 1600

Milky Way Milky Way from Grasslands National Park

July 25, 2015
F/3.5 18mm lens
20 sec ISO 12800

Milky Way Perseid meteor shower

August 13, 2015
F/3.5 18mm lens
213x30 sec ISO 12800

Exclipse Total lunar eclipse
September 27/28, 2015
Pictures every 45 minutes
1/200 to 4 sec ISO 800
F/10 80mm refractor+teleconverter
Canon 700D

Planets Morning planets
Venus, Jupiter & Mars
October 24, 2015
3.2 sec ISO 1600
F/3.5 18mm lens

Venus occultation Occultation of Venus by the Moon
2015 Dec 7 daylight
1/4000 sec ISO 800 F/5 300mm Newtonian
Animation, every 5 seconds

Photos by Tenho Tuomi, Saskatchewan, Canada