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Pictures taken with a Canon Rebel XT 350D digital camera, enhanced with Paint Shop Pro

M51 supernova Supernova SN 2011dh in M51
April 25, 2009 on left

June 5, 2011 on right
through 300mm F/5 Newtonian

M101 supernova Supernova SN 2011fe in M101
August 28, 2011

5x2min at 1600 ISO
F/5 300mm Newtonian

M951 supernova Supernova 2012aw in M95
March 28, 2012

6x2min at 1600 ISO
F/5 300mm Newtonian

M74 SN2013ej Supernova SN2013ej in M74
Aug 3, 2013

9x60sec F/5 300mm Newtonian

M82 SN2014J Supernova 2014J in galaxy M82
January 23, 2014

F/5 300mm Newtonian
14x60sec ISO 1600

Photos by Tenho Tuomi, Saskatchewan, Canada