The Moon at the Tuomi Observatory

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Moon The Moon, April 13 to May 9, 2002. New moon was on April 12 and May 12. Full moon was on April 26. 25 pictures were taken, one per night.

Moon was at apogee (farthest from earth) on April 9 and May 7, close to new moon, and at perigee (closest to earth) on April 25, close to full moon. Note the change in moon size as it goes about its elliptical orbit.

Pictures were taken with a Kodak 3200 Digital Camera through a 25 mm eyepiece on a 114 mm reflector with a focal length of 910 mm. The 1.5 mm f/3.6 camera lens used only about 55 mm of the telescope mirror. Camera was set to zoom to avoid vignetting problems. This gave a camera field size of 25 x 19 degrees, or 41 x 31 minutes with the telescope, just right for the moon. Original picture sizes were 576 x 432 pixels. The moon movie was done using Paint Shop Pro.

Click on picture for full size picture (2 meg)

Moon pictures Moon Picture Gallery 2003-4

with Kodak DC3200 Camera

Eclipse Eclipses of the Moon

Lunar X Lunar X near the crater Werner
January 11, 2011 1:34 UT
1/400 sec ISO 1600
F/5 300mm Newtonian

New Moon 36 hour new moon
April 5, 2011
F/7 210mm lens
0.5 sec at ISO 1600

Photos by Tenho Tuomi, Saskatchewan, Canada