Canon Powershot A75 Camera Picture Gallery

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Pictures taken Nov. 2004 to Oct. 2006, stacked with RegiStax, enhanced with Paint Shop Pro.
(Jupiter picture taken with Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000)
Deep-sky pictures taken afocal through 8 inch Newtonian telescope unless otherwise noted.

Jupiter/Ganymede May 11, 2006
Saturn March 31, 2006
Mars Nov. 5, 2005 More
Venus Dec. 7, 2005 More

Noctilucent clouds with aurora, June 28, 2003
Sundogs, January 12, 2005
Penumbral lunar eclipse, April 24, 2005
Deep-Sky Objects
Globular Clusters
Open Clusters
Emission and Reflection Nebula

The purpose of these pictures is not to show the best possible pictures of astronomical objects. There are many other websites that do that. The purpose of these pictures is to show that a certain amount of astrophotography can be done with an off-the-shelf digital consumer camera, with some patience. The planetary pictures are composed typically of 150 pictures stacked with RegiStax, and the deep-sky pictures of up to 40 pictures stacked with RegiStax, except for the open clusters which are mostly single 15 second pictures.