LEX Systems Inc.

LexWin Download (1.06.44)  is a completely free library automation system. You can autoload your data to the web free for one year as well. Sample databases will not overwwrite existing files.

NOTE: If you receive a message on download "Windows Protected your PC..." get around the problem by looking under "at risk" and click on MORE INFO. Then select "run anyways" Windows is simply unfamiliar with a program that has existed safely for many years.

Customer Download (1.06.44)   Existing regular version upgrade.  It allows for upgrading to the Beta (less tested) version. See "NOTE" above if told "Windows Protected your PC..." .
Checkout LexWeb loaded with approimately 44,000 Project Gutenburg records, and read classic books for free on your computer devices

Legacy Programs

Working LEXIFILE Program for New Users  This is a pre-windows DOS program which runs on Windows XP or earlier systems.
LEXIFILE Quick Instructions Quick-Start guide for LexiFILE in both WordPerfect and Text format MS-Word should read either version.