LEX Systems Inc.

LexWin Download (1.06.43)  is a completely free library automation system.  For one year you can auto-load your data to LexWeb and share it with the world. LexWeb is available longer if you choose to purchse a service contract , but your Lexwin remains free and available forever.  The sample databases included will not over-write any existing databases or circulation files.

Customer Download (1.06.43)   Existing regular version upgrade.  It allows for upgrading to the Beta (less tested) version. .
Checkout LexWeb loaded with approimately 44,000 Project Gutenburg records, and read classic books for free on your computer devices

Legacy Programs

Working LEXIFILE Program for New Users  This is a pre-windows DOS program which runs on Windows XP or earlier systems.
LEXIFILE Quick Instructions Quick-Start guide for LexiFILE in both WordPerfect and Text format MS-Word should read either version.