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Suppliers of library automation products since 1988*

Lexwin is a freeware Online Public-Access Cataloguing System, It is used to allow users to search a collection of catalogued items. Support can be purchased for $200 CDN, but it is not mandatory Lexwin was written with libraries in mind but any collection of items can be described and searched with the product.

Registered users of Lexwin can create an online version in minutes called Lexweb . For an excellent example view an online database of 44,000 books readable by link to the Project Guttenberg collection. Read about the history of the collection here.

Lexwin allows users to control an inventory of resources in the way a library controls the searching, circulating, inventory, and related functions. Because it uses industry standard MARC records the data is transferable to many other libraries around the world.

The recognized standard for MARC is named Z39.50, Its broad acceptance means that many millions of published books and media resources can be found already uncatalogued and exchangeable. Local information can be added and the record saved effortlessly to the local database.

Please email Lex Systems if you have any problems with the download and install of Lexwin

The product is amazingly sophisticated. It provides for automatic backup of your files, circulation, inventory procedures, global editing and linking to related resources.

*Lexwin is freeware and does not warranty the use of its products and services for any particular use or application, However its unbroken commitment to its clients for many years suggests that it has been found useful and reliable.