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LexWin Service Pricing

Service Packages (Maintenance)

You need not purchase anything to use Lexwin, it is free now and indefinitely.  Service contracts link you to help information from the programs creators, from work that commenced  1987. Also, with a service contract comes the right to continue use of LexWeb after the year's trial.  Lexweb is physically located on a Lex Systems server.

Service contracts for personal users will be $50 for email and $100 for phone service. Service contracts for businesses and institutions will remain at $200 for email and $400 for phone service.  Prices are in Canadian funds or the equivalent at FX Converter on the day you email or fax your order.

Lexweb no longer requires a service package of its own.  While you have a service contract, you get Lexweb free while the contract is in force.

Should you stop using Lexweb, free access to Lexwin continues.