LEX Systems Inc.
  Products & Services

Lexwin Special Features
  • Totally freeware, all features included
  • Runs on all version of windows
  • Advanced complex searches are possible
  • Download new records (Z39.50) from major libraries and save much time.
  • Records can be imported and exported without purchase of a special module
  • Advanced global edits allow you to change thousands of records in a few minutes
  • Barcodes are used to ciruculate books and to perform a step by step inventory process
  • Overdues, holds, fine notices can be emailed
  • Spine labels can be customized to assist process your items
  • Website cataloging is possible, providing  links to websites
  • Build as many databases as you like and transfer records between them.
  • ISBN numbers link to review material found online
  • Click a single button and create a web database,  free for an entire year, and inexpensive after that, just subscribe for support services
  • Setup an automatic backup that kicks in when you have added a specified number of record edits..
Lexweb Special Features
  • Lexwin creates it in minutes
  • No cost for you for the first year
  • Patrons/members can login with their own id and look at ciruclation detail
  • Book cover images provided
  • Links possible to reviewing sources for titles
  • Automatic updating of Lexweb from Lexwin.